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Hybrid Bikes

If you need a bicycle that functions both as a city bike and trail bike, consider buying a hybrid bike. Glendale Cycles sells many types of hybrid bikes to beginners or casual riders that want a "blend" of a road bike, touring bike, and mountain bike that is easy to use and comfortable in order...
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Mountain Bikes

Whether you prefer cross country, all mountain, or downhill, Glendale Cycles will help you conquer any mountain or trail in Los Angeles with the world’s finest mountain bikes. Our priority is to get you riding faster, jumping higher, and shredding harder, so if your preferred mountain bike is not in stock, you can request us...
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Road Bikes

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced cyclist, Glendale Cycles will help you buy the right road bike based on your experience, requirements, and budget. Our priority is to get you riding on the road right away, so if your preferred road bike is not in stock, you can request us place a special order...
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Fixies/City Bikes

If you want a single speed, low weight, low maintenance bicycle, consider buying a fixed gear bike or "fixie" for its one gear, no shifting-required design. Glendale Cycles sells many types of high quality fixies for urban cyclists looking for simplicity and fun to ride forward and backward! If your preferred fixie or city bike is...
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Cyclocross Bikes

If you want to combine both cross country cycling and mountain bike racing, buy a cyclocross bike from Glendale Cycles. We sell only the finest quality cyclocross bikes to withstand all wet and dry course conditions in cyclocross racing, such as gravel, pavement, grass, leaves, dirt, mud, and sand. Think of cyclocross bikes like Read more

Kids Bikes

If you plan to buy your son or daughter a bicycle, Glendale Cycles sells high-quality and safe kids bikes for boys and girls. We will help you determine the right bike size for your child based on their height, age, and experience. If your child has never ridden a bike before,...
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