Cyclocross Bikes

If you want to combine both cross country cycling and mountain bike racing, buy a cyclocross bike from Glendale Cycles. We sell only the finest quality cyclocross bikes to withstand all wet and dry course conditions in cyclocross racing, such as gravel, pavement, grass, leaves, dirt, mud, and sand.

Think of cyclocross bikes like road bikes but stronger with knobby tires.

All our cyclocross bikes are extremly lightweight to carry when you need to dismount, carry over an obstruction or barrier, and then remount.

If your preferred cyclocross bike is not in stock, you can request us place a special order to have it delivered within 1-3 days!

When you buy a cyclocross bike from us, we provide FREE adjustments (e.g. brakes, shifters, chains) for the 1st year!

Most cyclists purchase these specialty bicycles for racing in competitions usually in the Fall and Winter. Every year around Thanksgiving, Glendale Cycles heads over to Griffith Park to watch the Annual TurkeyTrot CycloCross Race.

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