Beach Cruisers

We carry a great selection of durable beach cruisers for men, women, and kids to cruise around Los Angeles beach towns. We sell the traditional beach cruiser, a 3 wheel version called a trike, and 2 person tandem cruiser. With assorted color schemes to choose from, you will have no problem finding your perfect beach cruiser to enjoy long, relaxing beach rides in comfort and style. We also carry various add-on accessories, like beach cruiser basket cages, water bottle holders, and bike trailers.

If your preferred beach cruiser bike or accessory is not in stock, you can request us place a special order to have it delivered within 1-3 days!

When you buy a beach cruiser bike from us, we provide FREE adjustments (e.g. brakes, shifters, chains) for the 1st year!

  • Single speed beach cruisers
  • 3 speed beach cruisers
  • 7 speed beach cruisers

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