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Glendale Cycles was listed as “Best Bicycle Shop” by Glendale News Press. Every year the Glendale News Press selects only 1 company as the best in their business category. We were honored to appear in their “Best of Glendale 2013” Los Angeles news feature.

glendale cycles wins best bicycle shop in glendale, los angeles

Best Of Glendale 2013: Best Bicycle Shop – Glendale Cycles


People love Glendale Cycles on Yelp. We currently have a 4.5 star rating on Yelp with 24 reviews from customers who took the time to yelp about their experience at our Los Angeles bike shop. Our goal is to get a 5 star rating, and officially rank as “Best of Yelp: Bicycle Shops in Los Angeles.”

4.5 star rating yelp 24 reviews

People love Glendale Cycles on Yelp


Glendale Cycles is an Authorized Los Angeles Bike Shop to sell, service, and repair any bike model from these top rated companies: Trek Bicycle, GT/Dyno Bicycles, Diamondback Bicycles, Schwinn Bicycles, Redline Bicycles, Fiction BMX Bikes, MirraCo, Retrospec, Stolen, and Torker.

glendale cycles authorized bike shop

Glendale Cycles authorized sales, service, and repair


  • Hybrid Bikes

    Hybrid Bikes

    If you need a bicycle that functions both as a city bike and trail bike, consider buying a hybrid bike....

  • Mountain Bikes

    Mountain Bikes

    Whether you prefer cross country, all mountain, or downhill, Glendale Cycles will help you conquer any mountain or trail in...

  • Road Bikes

    Road Bikes

    Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced cyclist, Glendale Cycles will help you buy the right road bike based on...

  • BMX Bikes

    BMX Bikes

    Whether you’re into freestyle, racing, or dirt jumping, Glendale Cycles has a BMX bike in Los Angeles based on your...

  • Fixies/City Bikes

    Fixies/City Bikes

    If you want a single speed, low weight, low maintenance bicycle, consider buying a fixed gear bike or “fixie” for...

  • Cyclocross Bikes

    Cyclocross Bikes

    If you want to combine both cross country cycling and mountain bike racing, buy a cyclocross bike from Glendale Cycles....

  • Beach Cruisers

    Beach Cruisers

    We carry a great selection of durable beach cruisers for men, women, and kids to cruise around Los Angeles beach...

  • Kids Bikes

    Kids Bikes

    If you plan to buy your son or daughter a bicycle, Glendale Cycles sells high-quality and safe kids bikes for...

  • Womens Bikes

    Womens Bikes

    We sell womens bikes for every skill level and style. Los Angeles women that enjoy road cycling, mountain biking, a...