Kyle Strait Wins Red Bull Rampage 2013

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GT Bicycles Team rider Kyle Strait took 1st place at Red Bull Rampage 2013 with a 87.50 score. This is the second time Strait has won the Red Bull Challenge (previously in 2004), putting him in a class of his own. Kyle Strait epitomizes the best in Freeride/Downhill mountain bike racing, so it came as no...
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Chainless Shaft Drive Technology

What cyclist hasn't pinched their fingers while replacing a bike chain? Or had their leg pants dirtied and caught up in the chain? Or had to spend hours cleaning a rusty chain and chain ring? The promise of shaft drive technology and the "chainless bicycle" eliminates these complaints forever. Simply put, when you pedal, you turn...
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California Coast Classic Tour 2013

Today 300 cyclists will begin a 535 mile journey over 8 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the scenic Highway 1. It's the annual California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour, a bicycle fundraising event for The Arthritis Foundation. In order to enter as a rider, you need to raise $3,000 minimum approximately 1 month in...
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Governor signs bill to protect Bicyclists

California road bicyclists will be happy with Governor Jerry Brown. Today he signed a bill into law called the Three Feet Safety Act that requires motor vehicles to slow down and pass at least 3 feet to the left of a bicyclist riding in the same direction. Violators would get fined $35. But...
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Cyclist Breaks World Speed Record

Dutch cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier can officially call himself the world's fastest cyclist. Today he reached 83.13 mph, a new human powered speed. His speed was 0.32 mph faster than the previous world record set by Sam Whittingham in 2012. It happened over a distance of 200 meters on an 5 mile section of Route 305 in Nevada's...
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Fox Rampage Pro Helmet Review

Since Fox's newest bicycle helmet, the Rampage PRO Carbon, became available earlier this year, consumer interest continues. We believe it ranks among the best in MTB helmet design today. It's no surprise pros like GT Bicycles Team rider Kyle Strait had a say in the helmet's...
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