Cyclist Breaks World Speed Record

Dutch cyclist Sebastiaan Bowier can officially call himself the world’s fastest cyclist.

Today he reached 83.13 mph, a new human powered speed. His speed was 0.32 mph faster than the previous world record set by Sam Whittingham in 2012.

It happened over a distance of 200 meters on an 5 mile section of Route 305 in Nevada’s desert. Its surface is the straightest, flattest and smoothest in the world.

Despite a difficult headwind, Mr. Bowier broke the record during the last attempt of the World Human Powered Speed Challenge (WHPSC). His human powered vehicle, called the VeloX3, has one tenth of the air resistance than an ordinary bicycle, thanks in part to its carbon fiber outer shell and special coating used on Formula 1 racing cars.

Started in 2000, the Battle Mountain Race is an annual competition held in September for one week. It attracts cycling teams from around the world to break human powered speed records sanctioned by the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA).

The state speed limit on SR305 is 70 mph.

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