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Just Outstanding Trail at Kern River, CA

A couple of weeks ago, Glendale Cycles organized a group ride to the Kern River, located about 3 hours north of Los Angeles. The highlight of the day was when we rode the Just Outstanding trail. This mountain biking trail starts at 7,000 feet elevation and drops to 2,000 feet. This ride took us approximately 1.15...
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10th Annual Turkey Trot CycloCross

On Nov 24 we'll be attending the Annual Turkey Trot CycloCross in Verdugo Park, Glendale CA. It's a great bike event for the public to watch cyclists race up and down the park's picnic and dirt paths, twist and turn across winding and straight sections of grass...
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Lance Armstrong Movie

Lance Armstrong, just the mention of his name creates heated debate among cyclists. Today's release of the documentary movie "The Armstrong Lie" will reignite strong opinions about Armstrong's cheating and bullying, charity and athleticism, friendship and betrayal. It promises to deliver long awaited answers, while at the same time raise new questions about Armstrong's character traits....
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Glendora Mountain Road Trail

Glendale Cycles and friends latest group bike ride was at the Glendora Mountain Road Trail (east). It was a fun, action-packed day of downhill mountain biking. The weather was great and Crazy Bear Bikes provided the shuttles. We paid 15 bucks for two shuttle runs up the...
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Fox Unabomber Bicycle Gloves Review

One year later and my Fox Unabomber bicycle gloves are still holding up after hundreds of downhill rides, and a few nasty crashes along the way. For $50 bucks I rate these high end MTB racing gloves with top scores in Safety, Style, Fit, Comfort, and Ventilation. Whenever I wear these gloves my hands remain comfortable...
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Funny Bike Cartoons Slideshow

  • Funny Bike Cartoons
  • Jonny Hawkins Bike Cartoon 01
  • Jonny Hawkins Bike Cartoon 02
  • Jonny Hawkins Bike Cartoon 03
  • Jonny Hawkins Bike Cartoon 04
  • Jonny Hawkins Bike Cartoon 05
  • Bob Lafay Bike Cartoon 01
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 008
  • Bob Lafay Bike Cartoon 02
  • Bob Lafay Bike Cartoon 04
  • Bob Lafay Bike Cartoon 03a
  • Bob Lafay Bike Cartoon 05
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 001
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 004
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 002
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 003
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 005
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 006
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 007
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 009
  • Neal Skorpen Bike Cartoon 010
  • Bob Ladrew Bike Cartoon 01
  • Bob Ladrew Bike Cartoon 02
  • Bob Ladrew Bike Cartoon 03
  • Andy Singer Bike Cartoon 001
  • Jerry King Bike Cartoon 001
  • Jerry King Bike Cartoon 002

Glendale Cycles loves bike cartoons, especially cartoons that celebrate the bicycle and slam the motor vehicle. So we’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite selections from professional cartoonists that have had their work published in bike magazines and newspapers across the country.

Here is the list of cartoonists appearing in our slideshow:

  • Jonny Hawkins
  • Bob Lafay
  • Neal Skorpen
  • Bob LaDrew
  • Andy Singer
  • Jerry King

This slideshow is a work in progress because we plan to add more cartoons. If you spot a funny bike cartoon, let us know so we can add it here.

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