Old School BMX Dirt Jumping – Chapter 3

Jack pulling a Can-Can!

@ The Horse Trails in early 90s

The days of BMX dirt jumping at the Horse Trails in West Hills, CA (at the west end of Roscoe Blvd in the San Fernando Valley off of Valley Circle) were filled with lots of fun and big air.

I rode here from the late 80’s to the late 90’s. This was my #1 place to ride which consisted of about 5 acres of jumps, berms, dirt half pipes and wicked drops.

Here you see my friend’s older brother “Jack” pulling a Can-Can on a famous hip jump. This dude basically taught me how to jump and was by far the best jumper there.

“Jack was his name and Big Air was his game” and he lived up to it!

This place was so big that on the weekends, there would be over a hundred people a day all shredding at the same time. Sponsored riders would show up for photo shoots, bike tests or just to have a fun day of blasting big airs. It was definitely a very popular place to ride and I enjoyed every minute I spent there.

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