Old School BMX Dirt Jumping – Chapter 1

Throughout the San Fernando Valley in early 1990 there were hundreds of vacant lots just waiting to be developed into homes and apartments.

Many lots remained undeveloped for years.

So naturally teens like me would go to these places and build bike tracks full of all kinds of jumps. They would be our gathering grounds after school everyday and all day on the weekends.

Dirt jumping was my favorite pass time. Learning new tricks, conquering big jumps and railing berms that my friends and I built together was so much fun.

In the summer, there would be 40-50 riders just shredding all at the same time, pushing one another to go for bigger air and crazier tricks!

Dirt jumping has evolved since the early 1990s. Today kids are doing tricks and stunts that we never even thought could even be possible back then.

Eventually one by one, as our jump tracks were flattened/destroyed and developed, my friends and I moved on to other places and built new tracks until we grew out of the sport and moved on to mountain biking.

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